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The Fetish Scene.

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The fetish scene covers a very wide spectrum of sexual activity. Often Fetishists think of swingers as being dirty, and swingers think that fetishists are perverted.

Here at swingers in Brasil we like to accept that everyone gets their sexual kicks and thrills in a different way, and we do not discriminate.

There are many different Fetish activities, even swingers indulge in some of them, and many fetish enthusiasts indulge in multi partner sex.

Here are a few of the most common fetish terms and activities.

Master / Mistress & Slaves.

A master or a mistress is a dominant figure who will have a slave or group of slaves who will obey his commands without question. These commands can take many forms from doing housework, keeping still, acting as a piece of furniture, or performing sexual favors.

A slave is a submissive who will perform whatever is asked of them. Slaves or submissive's are often people in positions of power in industry, politics, religion or the armed services. They enjoy the release of letting someone else take control of them for a short time in a controlled environment.


People who enjoy giving punishment are called Sadists, people who enjoy enduring pain are called masochists. The two groups come together in the fetish scene as sadomasochists.

They administer and receive punishments in various forms including whipping, skin punctures by needles, by hitting with paddles or crops and mild electrical shocks.

They often use restraints such as handcuffs to secure the masochist to an object such as a cross, whipping block or suspend them from a hook in the ceiling.


Proponents of bondage use a variety of products including tapes, ropes, silk ties, nylon stockings, belts and bespoke harnesses.

Dressing Up

Many people enjoy the feeling of dressing up in unusual clothing made from leather, latex or rubber. Some also enjoy dressing as babies. Many people enjoy the idea of their partner dressing in a uniform, or as a maid, or a nun. These are all mild fetishes.

Fetish clubs are a great people dressed up in the most incredible outfits.

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